Pinay tries Anal Sex For the First Time

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Jody is a young Pinay who wants t try anal sex. Since it was her first time, Jody was a bit scared. So with a date with her boyfriend Miguel, they talked about it and planned to have anal sex. Jody was having her first Pinay anal sex so she was a bit scared but a little more excited. She and Miguel are going to do it in his room, as they got in, she and Miguel started stripping their clothes off while kissing and stroking each other passionately. Miguel kisses her down to her neck and lower to her tits while she slowly rubs his cock up and down. His cock was already sticky with cum and Jody was oozzing juice from her cunt as well.  Miguel went down on her and started licking her lovely pussy, gently nipping and sucking her clit. Now Jody was ready for her first Pinay anal sex, Miguel eases her to her back and he started lubricating her pussy with his cum. His cock was so hard like crazy, then Miguel had the desire to know if her asshole would open and permits to let him in. He took a grip with his hands pressing into her juicy ass. Then Miguel  gently tried to open her asshole with his cock.  Slowly he penetrates her, as Jody lets out a muffled scream. Few seconds later he had half of his cock’s head in. It was tight, the shear pressure required was making Miguel near to orgasm. Jody lets out a sigh as He force the last 2 inches of his cock in her. He started to pump in and out at a fast pace, In and out, he fucked her ass as she moaned for more. And then for the final moment, Jody and Miguel orgasmed together. After a few minutes of being out of breath they collapsed on the bed and went to sleep. Jody just had her first pinay anal sex and she loved it more than the usual ordinary sex. From here then on, Jody and Miguel had done it a hundred times.

Maid Gets Fucked While Trying to Clean the Room

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Angel is your usual horny Filipina maid. She is naughty, sexy and fulfilling to you needs. It was just an ordinary day, Angel started early at work today. She was cleaning somebody’s room at the moment when two guys came barging in. Angel greeted them and they nodded back. The two guys were pretty good looking and she was pretty turned on by their taut and lean  bodies. The guys names were Nico and Dante, and the guys can’t help but look at her ass while she continued cleaning  the room. Well, they can’t gelp but notice Angel with her skimpy maid uniform. They thought that this maid wants to get fucked. They smiled sheepishly. Nico then went to Angel and started undressing her, which Angel did not object to. They kissed passionately as Nico went to strip himself too. She began sucking Nico’s cock,  Angel cupped his balls with one hand while holding his cock with the other, sliding in and out of her mouth. Dante was licking, kissing, and pinching her nipples. Nico began breathing hard as he pumped his cock into her mouth.

They were all hot and horny as they kept on stroking and caressing each other’s sensual parts. Angel started sucking Dante’s hard throbbing cock then, simultaneously sucking and licking both their pricks. Nico laid down on as Angel eases his cock inside her very wet juicy pussy. They pumped away deliriously, Angel bouncing up and down in fast tempo.  Dante was busy licking and caressing her tits as the maid gets fucked hard and fast by Nico. Then Angel began sucking Dante’s hard throbbing cock again, getting in rythmn, the guys and Angel writhing in pleasure close to cumming. A few minutes later, they all came. As all of their juices flowed down their genitals, their thighs. Out of breath they collapse on the bed, went to rest for half an hour then the hot nasty Pinay maid gets fucked again.

2 Horny Guys Take Advantage Of Young Pinay

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Late night, tired and bored, young Pinay Tricia had done all the unpacking in 3 hours. She just moved in yesterday in an apartment near her office. Tricia shares it with two guys Dan and Tom, so three of them are going to be living there. Dan and Tom are still out so she went to fix the bed and get ready to sleep. When somebody knocks on the door. Tom and Dan just got home and they went in her room to talk a little bit. They sat down and talked about a couple of things, a few minutes later Tom went to kiss Tricia. Tricia was surprised of the action that she didn’t kissed back right away but she did then. Then Dan went on her back and started kissing her nape and neck too. They were all touching each other and Tricia was getting hot, she haven’t tried having sex with two guys and this was her first time. Tom was still her kissing her passionately while Dan was busy sucking and licking her breast. It seems hours and Tricia was getting hotter and hotter, her panties are soaked already. Dan went to remove her shorts and was caressing her tits while Dan was gently massaging her thighs and her pussy. After a little while, they started stripping off all their clothes. Tom offered her his large throbbing cock and Tricia started sucking it while Dan went down on her pussy, slowly licking inside her pussy, savouring it.

The young Pinay went wild with ecstasy as Dan went sucking and licking her clit. Tricia continued sucking Tom off,  her tongue slid all over his cock, tasting the hot hard flesh, then she slipped the head of his cock in between her lips. Dan was finger fucking her as she lets out a muffled moan. Tricia was delirious with desire as Dan’s finger went deeper and deeper into her pussy, she was already wet, her wet juices already soaking Dan’s fingers. Tom layed down on the bed and gently eases Tricia on top of him, slid his hard cock gently inside Tricia’s wet hot pussy. They went humping hard and fast, as Tricia shrieks with pleasure, and Tom ready to cum. Tricia bounced up and down on Tom while Dan licked both her tits. Her orgasm came on so suddenly and she screamed loudly as she came into Tom’s cock. Tom came too after a few seconds, Tricia then Went to Dan and started sucking him off until he cums into her mouth. She then layed down on the bed and Dan went pumping her on a fast pace, fucked her hard and as deep as he could, he then came at last. As they both collapse on the bed panting and out of breath. Few minutes later, young Pinay Tricia just had her best threesome experience.

Live Asian Filipina Chat Rooms

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These Asian Chat rooms features horny and sexy nude cam models, the best porn xxx models, teen age models and go-go girls in which they enjoy erotic sex chats. There are full strip shows and sex on cam, and many more. If you’re into the real thing and not just sex, there are other Asian Filipina chat rooms that are more into romantic stuff. Like you want an Asian wife or Husband or rather a Filipina wife. There are selections online which are not hard to find. Filipinos love chatting, love online dating and they surely love the Internet. They like talking and meeting foreigners so you can never have trouble talking with them. You can never regret meeting a Filipino on the net.

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Underground Sex Parties in Manila

I’ve been going to clubs around Manila lately. Mainly in Malate, Alabang, TImog and Ortigas where you can find a variety of the most stylish and elite clubs. My favourite Clubs are located in Malate, Manila where almost all of the bars and clubs are undeniably cheap yet very cool to hang out. Beautiful and hot Filipinas are everywhere until dawn. I went to this bar one time and some Filipina girl gave me some kind of an invite, It was a dance party for tonight. Since I’m not familiar with the area, I brought a Filipino friend along. When we got to the place, It was awesomely stylish.

I took out my invite and showed it to the guard at the door. We went in and we were kind of shocked at first. I mean almost the people where dirty dancing and making out. I saw the girl who gave me the invite and approached her. It turned out that the party was really an exclusive underground sex party. They make invites hand delivered and discreet socializing in the Internet. They choose only the elite, stylish and professional Filipino swingers, men and women, gays and lesbians. The girl whose name was Tina told me that they’re not the only clubs organizing underground sex parties in Manila, there are many more.

To think that their country are hard core Christians. I guess things are way different now in the Philippines. Tina just gave me a few business cards of the clubs who organize underground sex parties. I had a few passes on some of the girls I’ve met at that bar, I even went home with someone that night and she was a hot, sexy Filipina.

Pound that Filipina pussy

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It’s sexy time for lovers Anita and Robert, they lay naked in the bedroom. They were celebrating their 1st year anniversary as well and tonight they were gonna film themselves having sex just for kicks. Anita with her fresh Filipina pussy all ready for some hot pumping.  Anita started reaching for his cock, starts stroking it while her other hand massage his balls. Then she went on top of him and started sucking him off, up and down she slowly suck his stiff prick, gently teasing its head with her tongue, Anita went on licking his cock and gently massaging his balls, Robert groaned in pleasure. Then she worked her way up to his chest and started paying attention to his nipples, where she gently licks them and teases them with her tongue. While Robert was busy stroking and rubbing her perfect tits. Anita just can’t get enough down below, she went down on him again and played with his balls licking with her tongue as Robert moans loudly, swimming in ecstasy. Then she went sucking on his cock again, working, licking on its head and sucking him whole. After a while Anita went on top of him and raises her hips and eases down to his cock.

She lets out a muffled moan as she ride and grinds him slowly. Anita went riding him until they pushed to fast rythmn, both were groaning in pleasure. Robert then went for her behind,  he moves up over her, He could feel the head of his cock at the entrance to her warm Filipina pussy. Robert slids the head in, she was so wet, he continued to go in, deeper and deeper until all of his cock was in the warmest, tightest Filipina pussy that he ever felt. Robert slowly pulled out so the head was at the entrance, then he rammed it in, faster and harder. She began to orgasm, moaning louder, Anita’s hips ramming upward to match my strokes. The bed worked its wonders, every time he thrust into her, the mattress rebounded, pushing his cock deeper into her juicy Filipina pussy.

He continued pounding her as fast and deep as he could. Robert could feel the tingle in his balls that he was about to cum.  With that I let loose a couple of strong spurts of semen , deep in that wonderful Filipina pussy. After that awesome climax, they both collapse on the bed out of breath and after a few minutes they went to watch the video and went on a replay.

Filipina gets fucked after the bar

Late night. At a Bar in Malate, Joy, a pretty Filipina was packing up. Her shift is over so she was getting ready to go. A little after 3 am, Joy got up to leave. Little did she know that she gets fucked after leaving the bar. As Joy rushes to the backdoor she was stopped by the door man Rico offering her a ride. She quickly agreed since she was tired and wanted to go home immediately. They rode quietly and Joy notice that they were heading the opposite direction. She asked why but Rico just simply ignored her. They stopped at a house and Joy didn’t say anything . Rico led her inside and told her to go to the room at the other end. Joy obeyed and still said nothing. As Rico entered the room, Joy was nervous, she didn’t know what Rico is thinking and what’s he’s gonna do to her. She secretly hoped she’ll like it though. Rico started to get naked, he was already ready and told her to take off her clothes as well. As Joy showed no hesitation, she took off her clothes quickly. Rico layed her down on the bed and started kissing her passionately, slowly moving down to her breast where he started teasing her nipples with his tongue, tracing his tongue to the smoothness of her thighs.

Joy was suddenly overwhelmed by lust, as she stroke Rico back with her hands. Then Rico knelt down and eases his cock to Joy’s waiting mouth as she quickly sucks and licks on it. Sucking it slowly up and down, teasing the cocks head, lapping at it. Rico went to kiss her again and started playing with her wet cunt, slowly teasing her clit while Joy strokes his cock. He went to kiss her breast and licks her nipples, nipping them a little. Few minutes later, they went 69. Joy went lapping on Rico’s cock, teasing it with her tongue and then sucking it up and down. They swam in pleasure together as they moan noisily. Rico was teasing her wet juicy pussy with his tongue, nipping and grinding his teeth at her clit, she squirmed in ecstasy. Rico then went on top of her and started fucking her hard and fast, they went in to rythmn. Rico was fucking her as deep and as fast as he could, as He groan in lust as the Filipina gets fucked hard and rough.

As Rico continues to fuck her, he  plays her nipples with his toungue, nipping it and grinding it with his teeth. After waves of pleasure, juices flowing, Rico lets out a loud grown and blow of his load inside her as they both cry in ecstasy. Panting and out of breath, Rico got up and went to the restroom and Joy quickly put on her clothes and tiptoed out of the room, went out of the house and have gone home.

2 Cocks Tastes Better Then 1

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Rosa was very excited. She was having a date with two of the most eligible bachelors in the neighbourhood. Since the two boys Oyo and Juan wants to be first on everything, Rosa decided to hit two birds with one stone, she want those 2 cocks all to herself and she’s not intending to share it someone else. They all agreed to spend the night at Rosa’s place 9 pm sharp. They were going to drink some wine and hopefully eat those those two yummy guys all night. The boys arrives surprisingly early so she quicky prepared the wine. They all drank heavily for a few hours so there was no trouble getting horny and all. Oyo and Rosa started making out, they were kissing passionately and stroking each other while Juan went to kiss her neck and started rubbing her breasts. Then they all went stripping off their clothes, hungry and horny at the moment. Rosa lay on the bed, wet and eager for sexual pleasure, as Oyo went and kneel over her so she can get access to his cock. Rosa went sucking and licking his hard throbbing prick, slowly, sensually. She was very good at it that Oyo can’t help but moan loudly. Juan went on her and started finger fucking her, she was already very wet, her juices soaking the sheets.

A little while now Oyo and Juan got up and Rosa went sucking and licking the 2 cocks simultaneously and licking both heads at the same time while her free hands are gently massaging both balls.  Rosa was enjoying herself so much that she can’t help but suck on the pricks deeper. It went almost like forever, the boys were in ecstasy now, almost full and ready to burst. Then Juan went to bed and Rosa easers herself down to Juan’s cock and went humping. They started slowly and went on fast tempo as they shudder and moan in pleasure then Oyo went to Rosa and she sucks his cock again while being pumped by Juan. After a few minutes Rosa went on top of Juan and started grinding him to the core. Riding him wildly and moaning like a cat in heat. The Oyo took his turn went on top of Rosa and fuck her hard and fast, not wasting the moment. As the three came close to climax, they all shudder in excitement and at the final moment three both cums, Oyo blows off his load on Rosa’s tummy, their wet juices flowing down their thighs. Oyo, Rosa and Juan collapse on the bed, smiles plastered on their faces as they breathe heavily. Rosa got what she wanted, the 2 eligible cocks in her neighbourhood. They tasted great and she was the first to taste them.

2 Young Pinay Girls and 1 Big White Cock

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You know how nice it is to be taken over by two hot young Pinay girls? It is indeed overly nice! Take a good look at this and be blown away. These are two young Pinay girls turned into the horniest sluts as they share away one big juicy white cock. What a mind fucking night that was, they just kept on eating him, sucking him off and draining his cum like a she vampire gone wild on cum. And that dick is huge, so huge that I can’t imagine deep throating that massive cock. I wonder how they handle that big white cock? Maybe these young sluts have gone cock fasting before? Could that explain their sexual hunger?

If you could deal with the movie or not maybe you could get a couple of baby wipes just in case. Young Pinay girls ought to be like them IN SEX. No matter what size the cock is they should handle it and the performance itself is the most important in all. What the heck, these young girls are so into cock that they treat the white guy like some horny God and these sluts are his sex slaves. I would like to be in that place, feast on something huge, something scrumptious and utterly delicious like that big white cock and those two hot sluts. Watch the movie and enjoy it in bed with the lights out.

Young Pinay Girls – Filipino Friend Finder

Sex Object

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Late night in the damp streets of Manila, Alma was bored. Same old, same old night. Crap it! Flicked her cigarette out on the road and headed out to buy another one. She was about to light another cigarette when a dark burly man reached out and lights it. Oh thanks said Alma. I see you here often, what’s your story? He asked rather roughly. I don’t know how you mean she replied irritated. I want one night, just one night. How much do you cost? Now we’re talking man. I’m in cheap ok, a hundred bucks a night. Dig? Alright. I’ll give you a thousand but it involves pain, he grinned and lights a cigarette himself. How much pain are we talking about here?  I’m not gonna shed some blood for you you know, she said after taking a long drag. No, there’s no blood involve. Just pain. Pure perfect pain. I’m Lorenzo. I’m alma. She agreed and went along with him. His house was nice and clean, but his room was a mess, rock posters everywhere, cassettes, dirty laundry, magazines, except for his large bed with the black sheets and red pillows.

Weird, she thinks and went to sit on the bed. Lorenzo gave her a 500 for starters. I’ll give you the other half when I’m finished with you. Lie on the bed now, and spread your arms and legs, like an X. Alma followed him and wondered what he’s thinking. I’m gonna tie you up now, be still ok. She looks at him tying her feet first and then at her arms. It was kind of tight, it hurt a bit. I guess this is a first time, pretty exciting though. Lorenzo stood and began taking his clothes off.


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