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Barbie is your average working filipina who works her days in a bank helping customers, but by night she is a completely different person. In the evening she turns on her webcam and invites strangers into her bedroom to watch her pleasure herself with toys and sometimes even with other girls. She has a following of men and women who tune in night after night to see her in action again. Her beautiful body and perfect tits make it exciting to watch.  If you would like to watch some girls like and see them playing with their pussies and tits in front of you, then click here to see which live cams are running right now.

Cute asian needs to pay for pizza somehow

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Her friends talked about sex all the time, but she had no idea it was this good. One night while she was babysitting she ordered a pizza after she put the kids to bed. When the pizza guy showed up at the door she thought she had enough money but ended up being a few dollars short. The pizza guy started to get loud and angry with her and afraid the noise was going to wake up the children, she gently grabbed his crotch with her hand and whispered… “I can pay you with something else” she said. They made their way into the living room where she unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. Down on her knees she started to rub his balls with her fingers and lick the tip, slowly edging the entire thing in her mouth.

This was her first time but she had watched enough dirty movies on the internet to know exactly what she was doing. She continued to get undressed while still playing his cock to keep him hard. She bent over the coffee table and shoved her hairy box in his face so he could go to town on her dripping wet virgin pussy with his tongue. As he began to stand up, he took his cock and started to rub up and down on her opening. She said to him “this is my first time”, and without saying anything back he took his cock and slowly started to stick just the head in, and out of her pussy. He did this a few times and could feel how wet her pussy was, and asked her if that was okay. She moaned lightly and replied that it was okay so far, and that she wanted to feel him inside of her.

With the green light he pushed his hips into her and felt his cock get sucked in. It was the tightest hole he has ever stuck his dick inside of. He stood there still while she rocked back and forth riding his hard dick. She was so wet they could both her the slopping and smacking noises coming from in between both of them. He flipped her over and laid her down on her back and raised her legs up over his shoulders, and pounding her hole so hard and deep he could feel his balls slamming into her ass. Without warning she wrapped her legs around him and pulled him deep into her while she came to orgasm. The feeling of her tight pussy getting even tighter around his dick while he fucked her made him want to blow his load on her pretty face. Pulling out and quickly getting his dick up in front of her face he started to cum on her lips and cheek.

The pizza guy gathered his things and left her laying there with his cum still on her face. That was one delivery he won’t forget.

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Description: Hot Asian amateurs sucks and fucks in hot homemade porn movies

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Filipino Chick Blowjob Asian Dude

Description: Filipino Chick Blowjob Asian Dude

Busty Filipino Slut By The Pool

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Description: Busty Filipino Slut By The Pool

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Fucking The Pinoy Slut

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It was a warm nasty summer. It’s getting dark and the lights are already flooding the city. Luis is headed home from work, he is a meat vendor and he likes his meat. He passed by a carinderia and decided to eat out before heading home. Satisfied, he went back home for slumber and a nice pass on that sexy lil ass of her housemate Christina. Christina just moved in a few weeks ago, and he was lusting on her since then. He arrived a few minutes and saw Christina getting out of the shower drying her hair. Oh hi there she said. Hello, nice shower eh? Yeah I needed one on this weather she laughed. Luis watched her long brown legs stride across the living room. There’s no flaws on that long sexy body. Goddamn I gotta get some piece of that, his thoughts drifting. Christina called out and said she would be going to sleep now and I said ok. Luis watched a late night TV show and drifted off to sleep.

he was woken by a voice calling out somewhere and realize he’s alone. He thought of Christina In the other room and thought about how much he ache for her. Should I walk in and seduce her? And decided against it. He got in his room and lie down on his bed instead, a few minutes though Luis was pacing the floor back and forth. I gotta go do this or end up a eunuch, he said. He laughed at himself and felt that he was sweating. Fuck! Who cares. Its now or never! Then goes out and knocks on Christina’s door. Hey Tina, are you up? He heard the radio playing soft music inside her room. Luis? Come in come in. I can’t sleep. the door’s not locked, she said. Luis opened the door and saw she was sitting on the bed. I have the same problem, he said as he sit beside her. You cant sleep too? Why? Any problems? She asked.

And I told her yes I have and its you as I sniff her neck and held her face. You smell good Tina. I don’t think I understand what you meant about me Luis. Luis kissed her neck and massage her shoulders as he explained. I gotta have you Tina, im aching all over. Do you want me too? Every night I fantasized about you, but now I’m gonna have you for real just let me, let me love you please? Christina wasn’t quiet shock about this. She knew from the way he look that he wanted her bad. Luis wasn’t that great looking but he had a great body, all that muscles and that stance. Its worth a try alright she thought quietly and gently kissed him on the mouth. Luis smiled and slid up behind her, cupped her breasts and kisses her neck. Her breasts are perfect, firm and soft scented, very nice as he twirled her nipples with his forefingers, she moaned and closed her eyes.

Luis, I want you to eat me now. Luis moaned in anticipation, he had waited a long time for this. Slowly he went down and work on her moist wet pussy, suck and lick on it until those juices flow. She fell back on the bed and spread her legs wider. Luis ate savagely giving her some pain not to hurt but to excite her more. Luis pushed her legs up to her chest and lick her asshole, she gasped at the pleasure she felt. Then suddenly he dropped her legs and pounced on her pussy for more. Slurping rather loudly, he sucked her wet pussy dry, then began trashing his tongue into her wet flesh and dragging it through the soft scented valley of moist heat. As his tongue slid through her pussy she cried out loud, grabbing his hair, she was panting and squirming like a cat in heat while his tongue tore her pussy to pieces.

I’m coming! She shuddered. I’m coming! Oh oh, she squealed as her pussy began spasming around his tongue. Finally, it was over, falling back on the bed in exhaustion. You’re the sweetest thing Tina, you taste sweeter than sugar, he said as he kissed her on the mouth. Well Luis, got something sweet for me too? If you’re still up to it? He smiled and said let’s sleep a lil first and then we’ll see about that. Should I go to my room now? Christina throws a pillow and Luis got out and retired for the night.

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Anal sex on a first date doesn’t happen all the time, so for this Filipina it was a big surprise. Linda agreed to go out with Manny, who was courting her for a month now. Since she like him more than her other suitors, she agreed to go out with him and the rest was history. They went clubbing and Linda went home with him in his pad. As they started getting hot making out, Linda and Manny started taking their clothes off. As he slowly kisses her passionately, his hand was caressing her lovely breasts while his other hand work on her pussy. Manny lays her down on the floor and knelt in front of her, caressing her breast her, belly and her wet juicy cunt as she lay there swimming in desire. They stayed that way for a few minutes and then many slowly pushed himself in that lovely wet pussy as she lets out a great sigh. Linda layed back and Manny fucked her pussy at first gently and as time went on he pounded her pussy with long deep thrusts . All of his dick disappeared in her. Then Manny sat on the chair and told Linda to sit on his lap. As Linda slowly sat on him, Manny told her he wanted to fuck her ass.

Linda was surprised because it never happens on a first date, she was Filipina and she never expected a date like this and then getting fucked in the ass. Eventually she obliged since she was so horny and wet at the moment. Manny eases her down to his large stiff cock until he was in.  Mark’s dick Mark plugged Jen’s ass with his dick. Linda shuddered and jerked and tried to avoid it but the pleasure of lust overcame her like lightning.  It struck her suddenly and forcefully.  she yelled his name as Manny pumped his dick in her more and more. As they both get to orgasm shuddering in delight, Manny gave her a final thrust and they both let out a loud moan as their juices flow on their thighs.

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