How to Pick Up Filipina Bar Girls

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Filipina girls are quiet hard to get, maybe because of the tradition of being a Filipina. They lead you on and then nothing.  But when they’re in the bar, it’s a whole lot of different story. Filipina Bar girls are sluttier in the meanest sense of the word so there’s really no trouble picking them up, it’s not just the alcohol maybe but when Filipina bar girls are hanging out on clubs, they become fully alive, wild like an animal, dancing till dawn. Here are a few pointers on picking up Filipina girls at the bar. You can start by flirting her a little bit. And then ask questions not really related to you like, how do you like club? Stuff like that. I

f she replies back then you’re safe for the moment. Do your best to look comfortable, just enough to let her see that you’re pretty much relaxed and confident about yourself. A pretty Filipina girl often gets compliments so don’t go bombarding her with compliments, try to tell her a joke like, wow that’s a nice stiletto, you can kill someone on it. Always remember to be just yourself; you’re definitely wasting time if you will just pretend to be someone you’re not. If you are getting the conversation going then its good, just don’t put on asking her personal questions like, do you have a boyfriend, where do you live, etc. And then if you’re really having a good time, ask for her number.

If she doesn’t give it to you, you can tell her that you’ll call every hour, just don’t push it. Or you can get her email add instead. If you got either of the two, call or email her the next day, as early as possible. These are just pointers and it’s pretty easy. Filipina bar girls just want you to be honest and frank. Just be yourself.

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